A wide offering of multi-array electrodes for everyday use

Microelectrode Arrays (MEA) - Buy Now

Endless design alternatives for recording and stimulation

The Microelectrode Array (MEA) is a high-quality, high-channel count, versatile probe for both acute and  chronic recording and stimulation. MEA’s may be designed with between 4 to 128 penetrating microelectrodes per array, and customizable designs are offered to  meet each researcher’s precise needs.


Each MEA is carefully fabricated to ensure superior signal quality and consistent, reproducible results for each experiment.




Floating Microelectrode Arrays (FMA) - Buy Now

Specially designed for complete flexibility and long-term recording stability


The Floating Microelectrode Array (FMA) offers optimum flexibility and reliability for both acute and chronic applications. These unique arrays allow researchers to specify the length and impedance of each electrode within the same array.

The FMA’s reliability, biocompatibility, low profile, and ability to withstand indefinite stimulation make it the perfect choice for long-term chronic applications.


Linear Microelectrode Arrays (LMA) - Buy Now

A robust, Multi-channel solution for deep brain recordings


The Linear Microelectrode Array (LMA) is a highly customizable, multi-contact probe designed to provide multiple electrodes along one or more shafts. This extremely rugged, versatile, and reusable probe is ideal for both acute and chronic applications.


Microwire Arrays (MWA)-Buy Now

A cost-effective solution for high channel counts

The Microwire Array (MWA) is a highly customizable, cost-effective solution for multi-channel recordings. These extremely versatile arrays are mostly commonly used in chronic recordings, and each array can be assembled 
with a custom combination of metals and 
insulating materials.
An optional carbowax is also available to help researchers maintaining electrode spacing when deep structures are targeted.


A versatile solution for simultaneous recording and fluid injection

The injectrode has been specially designed to allow researchers to record and inject fluid into the same target site. A single electrode is held within a beveled needle to allow recording as the fluid is delivered.
The reusable main assembly is also easily driven by all Alpha Omega microdrives, making adding fluid delivery to experiments simple and cost-effective.
Additionally, the beveled needle is offered in a wide range of diameters and lengths, allowing researchers

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