Sterile Consumables

  • No sterilization procedure required
  • Choice to open only the electrodes needed for the operation
  • Easier handling of the microelectrodes
  • Avoid electrode tip damage during processing


Use the table below to convert from your current consumable part No. to the corresponding new sterile part No.

Product Name Non Sterile   Sterile
NeuroProbe 366-0 > STR-0
Cannula 366-0 > STR-0
Electrode's Cable 190-000382 > STR-000526


Sterile Microelectrodes

NeuroProbes are used with MER systems to map surgical targets for Movement and Psychiatric Disorders.


Description Quantity Part #
Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe for NeuroNav 10/box STR-007080-10
Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe for MicroGuide 10/box STR-000080-10
*C Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe with 27mm Tip 10/box STR-000081-10
*C Non-Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe for MicroDrive 10/box STR-000024-10
Non-Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe 10/box STR-000079-10

 *C denotes custom design. Expected delivery 4-6 weeks.

Sterile Guide Tubes

The inner diameter of the stainless steel guide tube will accommodate shielded microelectrodes and the DBS lead eliminating the need to switch guide tubes.


Description Quantity Part #
Cannula and Stylet for use with Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe
25mm above target
10/box STR-000021-10
Cannula and Stylet for use with Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe
15mm above target
10/box STR-007721-10
Cannula and Stylet for use with Shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe
10mm above target
10/box STR-008221-10
Cannula and Stylet for use with NeXframe system
15mm above target
10/box STR-020121-10
Tapered Cannula and Stylet for use with Non-shielded Tungsten NeuroProbe 
25mm above target
10/box STR-000076-10
Sterile Input Cables*

This cable connects the micro and macro contacts of the electrode to the Headstage.


Description Quantity Part #
1 Channel Electrode’s Cable 10/pack STR-000526-11
2 Channels Electrode’s Cable 10/pack STR-000526-22
3 Channels Electrode’s Cable 10/pack STR-000526-33
4 Channels Electrode’s Cable 10/pack STR-000526-44
5 Channels Electrode’s Cable 10/pack STR-000526-55 

 *Note: input cable for NeuroNav system only


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