Management Team

Mr. Imad Younis, President, Alpha Omega

Entrepreneur, in the field of medical devices.

Was born (1961) and raised in Nazareth, Israel. Mr. Younis holds a B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. 

Mr. Younis Founded Alpha Omega ”AO” in 1993. Alpha Omega started as an R&D subcontractor and worked with companies and scientists in the Neuroscience fields. Along the years, Mr. Younis strengthened the core-competence of the company in the fields of neural recording and stimulation, and built the infrastructure of Alpha Omega to grow and prosper.

Under Mr. Younis’ management, employees grew to manage and solve most difficult challenges, and was able to convert a centralized one man company to a worldwide technology leader in the fields of Neuroscience and Functional Neurosurgery, with a healthy team and managers that are able to steer the company to success by producing and providing state of the art reliable products based on the market needs and trends.

In the process of building AO and its markets, Mr. Younis was able to build a personal image among medical device companies, Physicians and Scientists, of an honest, capable and trusted business man. This image is adopted by AlphaOmega managerial staff, and it helped Alpha Omega to progress in the different applications and new products that the company introduced, especially in the conservative and hard to enter field of Neurosurgery.

Before founding AlphaOmega, Mr. Younis had several R&D positions at Fidelity Medical Ltd, and the Technion School of medicine at Haifa, Israel.

Working closely with scientists, physicians and partners, Mr. Younis strives to be a significant player in the field of Neurology and Neurosurgery by offering new solutions and therapies for neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Part of his mission is to grow new leaders out of his community, so they can take the lead in shaping the society’s future. He initiates and promotes many programs that reflect his mission beliefs, with young adults and college students.


Imad is married to Reem, with 3 children: Dima, Jude and Nada


Mrs. Reem Younis, Co- founder, Alpha Omega

Was born (1964) and raised in Nazareth, Israel. Mrs. Younis holds a B.Sc. Degree in civil engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. 

Together with her husband founded “Alpha Omega Ltd.” in 1993. Alpha Omega started as an R&D subcontractor and worked with companies and scientists in the Neuroscience fields. Throughout the years AO grew internationally to be one of the leading companies in the neurosurgery field.

During 1994 Mrs. Younis Co-founded “Alpha-Cad Ltd.” a company that specializes in supplying complete CAD solutions, mainly for construction businesses. The company made exit in 2003

Currently, she is a board member of “Kav Mashve”, an association for the equality of Arab academic graduates in the Israeli employment market. In addition, she is also a board member at the “Israel Public Employment Service” a government statutory corporation committed to decreasing unemployment, and recently joined the Board of trustees & directors at “Ort Braude collage” so to be part of developing academic, technological and scientific center in the Galilee

Mrs. Younis’ aspiration is to promote entrepreneurship among the younger generation, encouraging them to pursue their dreams for a brighter tomorrow. In turn, she believes, this would have a great impact on Nazareth. It would transform this diverse city into a modern and technological place.

Reem and Imad share three children: Dima, Jude and Nada.


Mr DeCarolis is currently C.E.O. of Alpha Omega

A Global Leader in Microelectronic Recording (MER) and Neuroscience Technology Alpha Omega has been known in the industry for almost two decades, offering its clients breakthrough technology, unrivaled dependability, and dedicated service. The company develops and markets leading-edge equipment in the fields of functional neurosurgery and neuroscience research Alpha Omega is active in major hospitals and Scientific Institutions thru out the world. Alpha Omega specializes in the area of MER Microelectronic Recording for location of specific areas of the brain for permanent electrode implants for the treatment of Parkinson and other motion disorders.

( Mr DeCarolis has been active in the medical devise area serving as President and CEO of Elekta As a world leading supplier of advanced and innovative radiation oncology and neurosurgery systems .Elekta specializes in the delivery of external beam radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer and associated disorders. With approximately 2, 500 employees, Elekta’s corporate headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden and the company is listed on the Nordic Stock Exchange under the ticker EKTAb.

Other activities include LumaMed provides revolutionary cancer visualization tools to enable “real time” imaging of cancer margins during surgery with an accuracy approaching that of conventional pathology. This has enormous economic value in areas where tissue preservation is critical such as in Mohs surgery for skin cancer. There is compelling evidence that our approach can also be used with other cancers such as prostate, breast and head & neck cancers. LumaMed was selected as a presenting company at SEVC, 2011 (Southeast Venture Conference), the premier event for entrepreneurs to connect with investment capital in the southeast. He has been active a Board Member for the Riverside Group ( Global private equity) for  Couer Inc. transitioned in 2012.In the Medical Diagnostic area has held senior positions for General Electric Medical Systems and Toshiba America Medical Systems.